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Prevent cybercriminals from snooping around in your Mac`s crucial data!

Stellar Wipe Mac 2

Simultaneously Wipes multiple Hard Drives

With powerful wiping algorithms, Stellar Wipe Mac completely erases any unwanted or unused data from your Mac`s hard drive in just one click. Moreover, the software software works with multiple hard drives connected to your Mac and wipes them simultaneously in no time.

Maintains Everyday Computing privacy

Stellar Wipe Mac safeguards your everyday computing activities from prying eyes. The wiping tools completely erase your temporary files and folders, recently opened file histories etc in order to keep your Mac activities private. It erases recently opened file histories from Disk Utility, iTunes, VLC, Quick Time etc making them irretrievable.

Stellar Wipe Mac 4

Stellar Wipe Mac 4

Safeguards your online privacy

Stellar Wipe Mac permanently deletes data related to internet activities such as browser history, cookies, user sessions, memory, cache and sensitive data such as passwords, security PINs, bank details, credit card information etc. It protects the user from all kinds of cybercrimes such as identity theft, data theft etc.

Stellar Wipe Mac supports popular internet browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera etc. It even works with chat programs such as Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Microsoft Messenger etc to keep your internet activities private.

Securely deletes data

The software ensures that no traces of your deleted sensitive data remain on your Mac. With secure file shredding it completely removes unwanted files and folders containing sensitive data making them unrecoverable even by powerful data recovery tools.

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Creates Schedules for Wiping Tasks

Stellar Wipe Mac enables you to create schedules for wiping operations so that the tasks launch automatically at a specified time and date. The user can easily configure the time schedule and the wiping options in order to run automatic wipe only for a specified file type at a given time.

Select your preferred Wiping Algorithm

The Mac wipe software allows the users to choose from a list of the powerful wiping algorithm that completely erases your sensitive data beyond recovery. It supports various certified wiping algorithms including ‘Pseudo Random’, ‘German Standard’, ‘DoD 5200.28 STD’, ‘DoD 5220.22-M’ and ‘Russian Standard,’.

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User-friendly interface

With an improved graphical user interface, Stellar Wipe Mac makes it easy for the user to operate disk-wiping tools as it provides detailed instruction about each step of wiping. In addition to this, you can wipe files or folders directly from your Mac. All you need to do is just select the file or folder that needs to be wiped, right click on it and use the ‘Services’ option in the Finder to Wipe them.

Set Task Preferences for Mac after Wiping

This feature enables you to set task preferences for your Mac after the wiping process ends. Using the General preferences option in the menu, you can set the tasks for your Mac such as Play Sound, System shutdown etc without accessing the home screen. You can also check for product updates using this option.

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