Stellar SpeedUp Mac

Tune Up your Mac for enhanced speed and performance!

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Uninstalls applications in Drag & Drop operation

Stellar SpeedUp Mac completely uninstalls all unwanted applications, Widgets or Plug-in few simple clicks. All you need to so is just drag and drop the application you want to uninstall to the Application Uninstaller area, and Stellar SpeedUp will completely remove the unused applications.

In addition, you can enable the ‘Automatic Uninstaller’ option to uninstall any application, widget or Plug-in as soon as it is dragged into the trash.

Cleans up Your Mac

This feature detects and removes redundant caches, logs (System and User logs), Trashes, Leftovers, duplicate files and Junks in order to optimize the system. The ‘SpeedUp Now’ option frees up the disk space that helps Macs run smoothly.

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User-friendly interface

With simple and intuitive user interface, you can simply clean up your Mac and optimize its performance in no time. The simple ‘Drag and Drop’ operation helps in faster and more effective clean up.

Lets you preview files prior Clean Up

Stellar SpeedUp Mac enables you to preview all music, photo, Video Files and any other data prior the Clean up process so that you do not miss the important files. You just need to select the file and click ‘Quick look’ button on the tool bar for a quick preview of the file.

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Allows you to create schedules

The Scheduling feature enables you to create schedules in order to perform automatic clean up Mac task at a given time and date. Once the schedule is prepared, tasks will automatically be executed at a given time, as soon as the software runs. You can also manage the launch and updates of the software using the Scheduling feature.

Filters to Refine Searching Unwanted Files

The Filter option allows you to refine your search, so that you can search the exact categories of file types. Also with this feature, you can include or exclude any particular category by setting the filters.

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Automatic Cleaning of Mac Removable Devices

Stellar SpeedUp Mac allows you to set automatic uninstallation option for the removable devices. This option automatically uninstalls all unwanted and unused files (Thumbs.db, DS Store, Spotlight V-100, Recycled etc) each time a removable device is plugged into the Mac.

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