Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery Product Overview

Retrieve all your data from corrupt Microsoft Word files and retain its original formatting!

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery 2

Effective recovery of Word Documents

The powerful Word Repair Tool safely and efficiently restores Microsoft Word files that were lost, became inaccessible or automatically started repaginating. It retrieves every bit of data including images, pictures, charts, font, header/footer, hyperlink etc without modifying the original formatting.

Generates Log Reports

The software creates a log report of the entire Word Recovery process which, comprises of useful information such as the details of the processes, name of the corrupt Word file, time taken for the entire recovery process etc.

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery 5

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery 3

Powerful Repair options

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery comes with advanced repairing options, which includes: Advance Repair: it works in the case of severely corrupted files, which cannot be repaired using simple repair options. It supports only .doc files.

Raw Recovery: this advanced feature also works in the case of severely damaged files, however it retrieves the data in the raw text form.

User-Friendly GUI

The all-new, improved and intuitive interface makes it easy for you to run the recovery process without any technical knowledge.

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery 1

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery 4

Easily locates a word file

This unique feature enables you to identify and locate inaccessible or forgotten Word files with .doc and .docx extensions. In order to help you locate the Word document it produces details of the inaccessible/lost files such as name, creation date, size, last modification date etc.

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