Speedy PC Pro Product Overview

Provides an all-in-one solution for PC optimization and security!


Spots and Removes Malware

Innumerable viruses, which include the newest forms of spyware, keyloggers, adware, rogueware etc, constantly try to gain access into your PC to steal your sensitive information (passwords, bank details, credit card information and much more).

With an effective scan engine, Speedy PC keeps malware at bay. It instantly identifies and eliminates malware and many others, thus, keeping your PC secure and stable.

Fixes System problems

Windows Registry is the most essential component in your system`s operation. Corrupt Windows registry often results in poor performance, instability and much more. Thus, Speedy PC cleans the registry and fixes all kinds of errors, thus optimizing PC speed and performance.

Smart Privacy Cleaner

Smart Privacy Cleaner

Manage resources

Many times, a user is unaware of the unwanted processes that run on his/her computer, which results in slow PC running. However, Speedy PC hunts down those processes that consume resources from the programs a user is using and shuts them down.

Moreover, Speedy PC`s handy Start-up Manager enables you to choose which programs are to be launched as soon as you switch on your PC. If too many programs launch at the same time, you are in for a longer start-up time.

Protect your sensitive information from prying eyes

Every piece of data received by you is stored on your hard drive, which can easily be accessed by anybody. Deleting the files only erases some of the information.

Speedy PC is designed to completely erase your sensitive data including your passwords, bank details, security PINS and other financial and personal information. Thus, it prevents you from cybercrimes like identity theft, phishing attempts, Scams and much more.



Gets rid of junk

Over the time, your PC is filled up with temporary and useless files, unwanted junk etc which deteriorates your PC`s speed and performance. You would not want to waste your time and effort in sorting out this clutter.

Speedy PC does a great job of saving your time by automatically sweeping away unwanted junk and clutter. Also, it helps you disable unwanted Browser Helper Objects that slows down your Internet Browser speed.

Defrags your hard disk

Initially files in the hard drive are well- organized and neatly arranged. However, as more and more files are added to the hard drive, they fill up in an unorganized way, thus, taking longer time in file recalling.

Through defragmentation, Speedy PC organizes all the files putting them in contiguous areas resulting in better storage purposes and faster recall.


Smart Privacy Cleaner

Manages file extensions associations

Sometimes you are unable to open a .doc, .docx, .pdf, .xls, .ppt, .pps file. This is because your fie extensions get mixed up and your PC tries to use a wrong program to open files.

Speedy PC provides a hassle free experience by easily managing the association between file extensions and the software in order to open the files. You just need to simply type in the extension and it will find the appropriate software to open your file.

Effectively handle restore points

When you take a snapshot of your computer`s setting, (for instance during installations to avoid any cancellations etc,) are called restore points. However, old restore points consume a lot of space on your hard drive.

Thus, Speedy PC deletes the old restore points, making room for the new ones.

Speed Pc Pro


Customer Care Support

The highly skilled team of Speedy PC offers any kind of assistance inorder to resolve your issues. In addition, they send free program and database updates, so that you can tackle the new and emerging PC issues.

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