Smart Defrag 3 Pro Product Overview

Best defragmenter available in market!

Disk Optimization

Disk Defrag Pro 2 is very fast and efficient defragmenting tool which helps in optimizing your disk and results in better disk performance. It not only provides defragmentation like every typical defragmenting tool, but also efficiently streamlines the files based on the frequency at which they have been used, resulting in accelerated disk speed and optimal performance.

Swift Defrag Tool

It uses IObit’s latest defrag engine & ‘Boost Time Disk Defrag Technology’ which provides fastest defragmenting ability. It has the fastest defragmenting engine in the world.

Sophisticated UI

The software user interface is very user friendly. Even a novice user can easily use this tool to defrag his hard drive for better CPU performance.

Data Safety & Reliability Assured

Unlike other defragmenting tools available in the market it does not constantly defrags and analyzes the disk which causes wear and tear of your disk. Smart Defrag 3 Pro uses safe intelligence technology that assures the user to decide when to defrag the disk, thus maintaining data safety and reliabililty.

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