Fix-it Disk Optimizer Product Overview

Make your PC run faster with Disk Defragmenter and Optimizer!

Fix-it Disk Optimizer1

Ensures quick data access

Fix-it-Disk Optimizer organizes files stored on your hard drive in order to increase the access time. It enables you to enhance your system`s performance quickly in few simple clicks.

Simple and Easy to Use

Advanced defragmentation engine does not affect a user`s experience. Fix-it-Disk Optimizer is so easy-to-use that even novices can simply use this program without any expert`s guidance.

Fix-it Disk Optimizer2

Fix-it Disk Optimizer

Consumes minimal space

Fix-it-disk Optimizer takes up minimal space so much so that it even works on hard drives which have very less free space. It can also work with hard drives having as less as 1 GB free disk space.


Fix-it-Disk Optimizer is safe and reliable to use as it does not tamper with the hard drive or the data stored on it unlike the other disk defragmenters.

PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor

Minimal use of System Resources

Fix-it-Disk Optimizer arranges files stored on your hard drive in order to occupy contiguous files using minimal computer resources.

Graphical View and Summary Report

Fix-it-Disk Optimizer offers you to view a summary report of before and after optimization statistics. It also graphically displays the percentage of fragmentation on the disk.

PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor

Gets rid of unwanted junk

In addition to organizing the files stored on your hard drive, Fix-it-Disk Optimizer removes unnecessary and duplicate files that threaten to compromise your identity. It clears your hard disk, thus, optimizing your PC performance.

Keeps you updated about your Hard Disk

One cannot afford to lose his/her data stored on the hard drive that includes sensitive information. Therefore, to avoid any risk of errors from failing sectors, one needs to install a Fix-it-Disk Optimizer that scans your hard drive for any bad sectors and safeguards the data stored in the same.

Moreover, it also tracks the health of your drive and informs you about the same so that you can spot when the drive is failing, before it actually fails. Thus, it prevents any kind of data loss from hard disk failure.

PC Health Advisor

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