Disk Doctors Outlook Mail Recovery Product Overview

Retrieve Your lost and Corrupted Mails without any hitch!!


This is one of the most important feature of a recovery software as it helps the user to choose and save only those files which they want and not all intentionally deleted mails and messages. It also assures the user of the quality of the recovered files.

Setup Wizard

A setup wizard is available to guide the users through the process. While advanced computer users can follow the software processes without getting lost and confused, it is not that simple with novice computer users. Thus, setup wizard helps the novice and casual computer users in following all the software tools and features without any fuss.

Setup Wizard

Customized Settings

The software allows the user to customize and change the settings of the software according to their choice and comfort. This allows them a greater sense of control over the way the program operates.

Recovery Mode

The program can recover all or single documents from files even if the user doesn't have access to the password. The program supports both high encryption and compressible encryption formats, meaning it can get into any PST file you have regardless of how it is protected.

Recovery Mode

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